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Security in the Neighborhood:Donít forget to lock you car doors and donít leave anything valuable in your car. Use the Anne Arundel County Police Departmentís non-emergency telephone number to report suspicious activity in the neighborhood or a non-emergency:  (410) 222- 8610.  As always, call 911 if you have an emergency.

Parking:  We have limited parking within our community. So, please be courteous.  Parking is only allowed in designated owner or visitor spaces or driveways. Cars parked along curbs or in visitor spaces for more than 48 hours will be towed at the ownerís expense.   As a courtesy, when youíre on vacation, remind your pet-sitter or house-sitter to use your assigned space or driveway.

Trash:  Trash and recycling should be placed curbside in approved containers no earlier than 6:00pm on Wednesday evening. Trash may not be placed out for collection prior to Wednesday evening. The holiday collection schedule or other important information, can be found here .  All containers should be removed from the curbside by Thursday evening. Before scheduled collection times, containers should be properly stored inside your house or your fence.  Items placed out for collection at any other time are unsightly and can become a health hazard. Containers left out too early or not put away may be removed at the homeownerís expense. You can help by reporting violations of the above policies to Caster Management (301-358-6004).

Mosquitoes:  Each spring, we ask Anne Arundel County test to treat the larvae in our standing water, and to add our community to their bi-weekly spraying throughout the summer. Despite this, we often have a continued problem with the mosquitoes.

  •  Please call the Mosquito Control at 410 -841-5870 to report problems. The county needs to receive a high volume of calls before they will take additional action.

  •  Homeowners can also hire a company to spray their yard. Most landscapers and pest control companies offer this service. You can also buy other mosquito control products at places like Home Depot.

Disposal of Yard Waste:  Beginning January 1, 2017, Anne Arundel County will no longer accept yard waste in plastic bags. To view the new guidelines, click here .

Bulk Trash:  Large plastic items such as children's toys or playsets can be recycled, and up to 3 items can be placed next to your regular recycling on trash day. In addition, up to 3 large items such as sofas and wooden bookshelves can also be placed on the curbside on trash day. However, large metal items and appliances. such as swing sets, refrigerators and lawn mowers, must be picked up by appointment by calling 410-222-6100. For more details, click here .

BGE Lighting Outage: Any street light outages can be reported directly to BGE. BGE has an online reporting system to expedite any lighting issues.  To report a street light outage, click here .

Trees:  Most of the trees originally planted in our front yards are Bradford Pears and as they mature, they need to be pruned often. This presentation discusses some of the problems that arise as these trees mature and recommends replacements. 

Curbing Dogs: Please be courteous and clean up your petís waste! We have received complaints about pet owners not picking up after dogs in the common grassy areas of the community. Thank you.

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