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Online / Portal Account Access

Using your online account at Caster Management, you will be able to view and modify your account information, access the governing documents, submit an Architectural Change Request, send general emails to Caster Management, or file a violation notice.

To access your account on the Caster Management website, click here or go to www.castermgmt.com and select Resident login in the far corner..  Once you login, a help manual can be found by clicking on the dropdown menu in the far right corner. Select the “Help Center” option.

The following information may prove helpful...

  1.  The Home page provides an overview of your account, and contact information, as well as contact information for Caster Management and any open requests that you have made.

  2.  To view or change your contact information, select “My Account” from the drop down menu in the far right corner. If you would like to share your contact information with other Knolls 12 homeowners, please check the box for the Resident Directory in the middle of the “My Account” page

  3.  If you would like to have the ability to text the property managers, go the My Account page and select the Text Messages option on the left.

  4.  To change your password, go the My Account page and select the Security option on the left.

  5.  To view your balance or a list of your charges and payments, go the Payments page from the Home page. You can also make a payment from that page.

  6.  To set up online payments, click on the payment option on the left; then click on Setup autopay on the right side of the screen underneath the declaration of your current balance. Fill out the form that is displayed. If you need help, go the drop down menu in the right hand of corner of any page and select help and look under payments.
  7.  To submit a request, click on requests on the left side of the screen, then create a request on the right. Select the type of request (maintenance or general inquiry) and fill out the form.

  8.  To view or download the architectural change request, go the Documents page from the Home page.

  9.  To view by-laws, articles of incorporation, approved budget and all letters sent to the community, select Documents on the home page.

  10.  Go to the Requests page from the home page to provide the ability to create a maintenance request such as a downed tree in the common area or to make a general inquiry about things such as your account, the parking policy or the by-laws

  11.  The Contacts page (from the Home Page) provides the contact information for all homeowners that selected the “Resident Directory” box on the My Account page.


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